Watershed COP26, UK Plastics Tax & Plastic Accounting 101

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Happy National Recycling Day, the week of COP26 has come to a close and the world’s climate problems are solved 🌎  … 

Not quite, but there is a shift in momentum, especially in the private sector. Lord Karan Kilimoria, president of CHI, is feeling positive about COP’s outcome.

“It’s not just countries setting targets, it’s businesses setting targets and it’s businesses walking the talk as well. It’s a watershed Cop, there’s no question about it.”

The truth of the matter is, the private sector is now in the spotlight. Legislation has been far from actionable, and companies have the opportunity to demonstrate true stewardship.

Don’t lose hope — draw some inspiration from the great Noam Chomsky’s take on the climate crisis.

✨ “With regard to being hopeful, we have two choices. We can either give up hope and help ensure that the worst will happen, as it will, or we can grasp the opportunities that exist and pursue them, and maybe we can make it a better world.” ✨

Sorry if that wasn’t quite as hopeful as expected. But, on the bright side — amazing solutions to our climate crisis are emerging every day. Innovators are pushing the boundaries of science and tech and trillions of dollars are backing them.

🍃 It is time we create the momentum, grasp existing opportunities, and make the world better.

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Commencing April 1, 2022, the UK Government has instituted a new plastic packaging tax. The tax targets plastics products manufactured in or imported into the UK containing less than 30% recycled plastic content.

As a relatively new concept, there are undoubtedly many pressing questions. What companies will be affected by the plastic tax? How will companies need to prepare for the reporting?

Everything You Need to Know About the UK Plastics Tax

A Breath of Fresh AIr

The majority of climate news can be bleak… grim… gloomy. So we want to highlight progress, discovery and innovation.

After a tumultuous launch, The Ocean Cleanup Project is underway and has already removed tens of thousands of pounds of plastics from the ocean.

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Budding circular economy ambitions focus on rethinking value chains, prioritizing data and transparency and going beyond net zero. 

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Amazing innovations to tackle plastic waste seem to emerge daily; these portable factories create a unique solution to localize waste management. 

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Plastic Accounting 101: How Your Brand Can Take Action

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