UN Treaty, Upstream Solutions, and The Infinite Climate Game

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There are two types of games in game theory: finite and infinite. The finite game comes to a conclusion, wherein, as you would probably guess, in an infinite game, all players work together to keep the game in play.

The global race to prevent irreparable climate damage, as we can all agree, is an infinite game. A game where we all work together to continuously improve.

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As with any long-term objective, clearly defined milestones are necessary for progress. However, when we are setting our goals, we have to remember that we will never “win” our climate crisis. We will always be able to improve and optimize to become better environmental stewards.

On our journey, we must not lose sight of our commitments and targets. We have to prepare for continuous improvement, endless optimizing efficiency.

Additionally, we must all align in our gameplay. Activists, corporates, and governments must come together to coordinate planetary action. We must agree to act quickly and decisively by acting in concert with the latest scientific research.

At Ampliphi, we believe in the power of transparency and coordinated global action. And, we are excited to announce the work we have been doing to enable concrete climate action.

Global Call to Action

UN Treaty On Plastic Pollution

We are among the 70+ companies who are supporting a UN Treaty on Plastic Pollution – laying the foundations for wide-reaching cooperation towards a circular economy for plastics.

Join Us and Support the Treaty

Industry Standardization

PREVENT Plastic Waste

We are thrilled to announce a new workstream with the PREVENT Waste Alliance. Our Co-Founder Dominic Santschi will be leading a working group that aims at harmonizing existing approaches to plastic accounting.

Learn more about our plastic accounting methodology

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Upstream Climate Solutions Ampliphi

Setting targets and taking concrete environmental action is no easy task. However, the primary goal companies must keep in mind as a North Star is to focus on “Upstream Solutions.” These solutions focus on mitigating waste and emissions at the source, essentially turning off the tap.

Or, as Bishop Desmond Tutu (1931-2021) framed it, “There comes a point where we need to stop just pulling people out of the river. We need to go upstream and find out why they’re falling in.”

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Blue Farm Ampliphi Case Study

We are excited to have recently welcomed new brands to our platform, including Blue Farm – a German producer of dairy milk alternatives. Learn more about their journey to take conscious climate action.

Blue Farm Case Study

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