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Ampliphi Teams Up with SUPASO and Purcell to Simplify Access to Sustainable Packaging

Ampliphi helps consumer brands save time and money in their search for sustainable packaging solutions through their data-driven matchmaking service.

Ampliphi, the leading platform for plastic action and circular economy engagement, announced a partnership with leading sustainable packaging solutions: SUPASO and Purcell. Their collaboration will help consumer brands save time and money in their search for sustainable packaging solutions.

Today, 91% of plastics are not recycled – half of which are packaging – and our global pollution problem is only poised to intensify. Standing at the crossroads between reducing plastics and maintaining product performance, consumer brand leaders are specifically feeling the pressure. Their consumers are calling for sustainable packaging, investors are expecting ESG compliance and regulators implement new plastic taxes across the world.

Ampliphi built a data-driven solution to empower brand leaders with end-to-end plastic stewardship support that avoids greenwashing risks.

Here is how you can find your sustainable packaging match on the Ampliphi Platform:

Step 1. Register Your Free Account: Answer four onboarding questions to assess your plastic footprint and set up your profile.

Ampliphi Plastic Footprint Dashboard
Solution Recommendation Engine

Step 2. Get Bespoke Recommendations: Receive a tailored footprint reduction strategy and access your network of vetted solution providers such as SUPASO and Purcell.

Step 3. Connect with Solutions: Review, match and chat with your matches to streamline pilot projects and kickstart long term collaborations.

Ampliphi Connection Engine

Following a proof of concept during Kickstart Innovation, a scale-up program from Impact Hub Zurich, Ampliphi successfully onboarded SUPASO and Purcell to their matchmaking service – joining 50+ other vetted solution providers.

As the transition to a circular economy advances, Ampliphi will continue matching consumer brands with vetted solution providers to streamline plastic action.

Are you interested in finding your match? Learn more and start your free trial today.


For more information about Ampliphi and their solution provider matchmaking service, visit and start your free trial today.

About Ampliphi
Ampliphi is an intelligent environmental action platform that helps consumer brands accelerate a world without plastic waste. By harnessing the power of data, they help companies take a simple yet systematic approach to measure, reduce, and communicate their plastic footprint.

SUPASO produces sustainable insulation packaging for the shipping of fresh or frozen foods and temperature-sensitive medical products. Their innovative inlay systems made from recycled waste paper provide an efficient, affordable and sustainable alternative to styrofoam (EPS) boxes.

“Ampliphi’s platform enables consumer brands to connect with a variety of vetted solution providers, enabling accessibility and democratization of environmental solutions. With sustainability and circularity at the core of our company values, we are excited to partner with Ampliphi to help more companies transition to a more sustainable packaging future.” – Mario Maier (Co-Founder of SUPASO)

Learn more about SUPASO here.

About Purcell
Purcell provides simplified refill solutions for brands, retailers and workplaces. Stores can reduce labor and increase profit margins on sales. Brands can showcase their products with intelligent marketing and data-driven promotions.

“Our partnership with Ampliphi is about making sure every company can access sustainability solutions to truly move the needle.” – David Conway (Founder of Purcell)

Learn more about Purcell here.