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Easily set targets, create impact and communicate your progress through our data-driven platform

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Step 1

Analyze & Set Targets

Calculate the environmental footprint of products and packaging to identify and design the most impactful net zero plastic footprint strategy

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Plastic Footprint

Set actionable targets and design a footprint reduction strategy through our analytics dashboards and material experts

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Product & Packaging

Manage complex product and packaging data to discover circular economy insights and accelerate sustainable design decisions 

Carbon Emissions

Map the carbon emissions of your products, packaging, and entire value chain to reveal the optimal roadmap toward mitigation

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Reduce Plastic Waste Through Automated Recommendations

Step 2

Take Plastic Action

Initiate a plastic action strategy, match with vetted solutions and generate meaningful impact to future proof your business

Internal Reduction

Tailored recommendations advise your company on how to reduce impact, optimize for circularity and engage in systemic change

Plastic Pollution

Solution Marketplace

Discover and connect with the world’s leading sustainability solutions specifically selected to advance your company’s ambitions  

Impact Investments

Embed impact into your products and engage consumers by investing in highly vetted impact projects across the world 

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Step 3

Streamline Reporting

Save time and energy by streamlining mandatory reporting and accessing tailor-made communication assets 

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Stakeholder Relations

Communicate your targets and progress to stakeholders to improve engagement and instill transparency

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ESG Communications

Align with a variety of sustainability reporting frameworks (incl. GRI, EMF, SBTI, SDGs) to demonstrate your company means business

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Plastic Tax Reporting

Register, comply and report with the plastic tax while receiving the tools you need to minimize your corresponding liabilities

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