Platform Updates, Plastic Credit Marketplace & Circular Valley

Climate Insights

We are thrilled to officially launch the newest version of the Ampliphi Plastic Management and Accounting Platform!

Powered by an even more intelligent data upload and analytics process, an industry-first Plastic Credit Marketplace and a broad expansion of our solution provider catalog, we are excited to host an even more comprehensive all-in-one sustainability solution.

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Brands of all sizes can revolutionize their packaging, save costs along their value chain, and wow their conscious consumers.

Our platform is equipped with all the tools to catalyze a world where corporate decision-makers have access to the insights and solutions they need to accelerate a circular economy for plastics.

We look forward to your impressions and welcoming you to our platform.

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Intelligent Data Collection

Ampliphi Data Collection

We believe time-consuming data collection should be a thing of the past. Our platform’s intelligent engine and algorithms streamline the environmental data collection process.

Through our automated datapoint suggestions, verification database and API endpoints, we minimize the time it takes for data collection so your business can focus on what matters.

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Plastic Credit Marketplace

Ampliphi Plastic Credit Marketplace

We launched the Ampliphi Plastic Credit Marketplace for all brands and budgets to easily access impact projects worldwide. Our marketplace-style platform for plastic credits gives users access to plastic credits markets that were previously inaccessible.

Our first-of-its-kind marketplace allows conscious companies to scroll through a vetted selection of the world’s leading plastic credit impact projects.

By coupling analytics with impact investment, Ampliphi Pro users can seamlessly design a sustainability strategy to reduce their footprint and invest in systematic change.

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Solution Provider Catalog

The solutions for a world without waste exists; they simply need to be scaled and implemented.

Our team has been working diligently to scour the sustainability ecosystem to find and vet the world’s leading sustainability solutions.

We are thrilled to have extensively expanded our selection of solution providers.

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Venture Updates

Circular Valley Accelerator

Let’s face it: to catalyze innovation that accelerates a world without waste, Silicon Valley needs a major redesign and a legitimate counterpart. No sooner said than done, the Circular Valley Foundation created the eponymous Circular Valley.

We are proud to have been selected to participate in the 3rd batch of the Circular Economy Accelerator!

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