Introducing Ampliphi: The Intelligent Plastic Footprint Management Platform

Ampliphi is an intelligent environmental action platform enabling companies to take a simple yet systematic approach to measure, reduce, and communicate their plastic footprint.

Our data-driven platform takes the guesswork out of plastic footprint management.

But why does the world need a plastic footprint management platform? Let us introduce the rationale behind Ampliphi.

Plastics are incredibly versatile materials. Among other benefits, they minimize shipping weight and extend the shelf life of food. However, the plastic industry is one of the top 10 contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. Until today, the industry uses fossil fuels to produce 99% of plastics.

Collectively, we produce nearly 359 million tons of plastics per year. But instead of reusing plastic items, we dispose of most of them after a single use. Because our recycling systems only allow us to recycle 9% of plastics, we incinerate, landfill, or dump the residual 91% into nature. This causes immeasurable social, environmental, and economic damage.

As the plastic industry prepares to increase its production capacity by 33%, the sector could account for 20% of total oil consumption and 15% of the global annual carbon budget by 2050. Therefore, if we want to get serious about environmental stewardship, we must take action today to manage our plastic footprint.

Yet, we can’t manage what isn’t measured and proper measurement is surprisingly complex. Sustainability professionals are stuck in a world of clumsy spreadsheets and expensive consultants. Corporate innovators find it difficult to identify plastic footprint reduction initiatives and need a lot of time to implement them. Marketers must meticulously formulate their claims and communication to ensure transparency and accountability.

Our Plastic Footprint Management Platform

We help your company create plastic action in three simple steps:

  1. First, our next-gen software suite simplifies plastic footprint accounting through powerful automation and tested methodologies.

  2. Next, by combining advanced analytics and APIs, we turn ambition into action by recommending science-based reduction initiatives and bespoke implementation strategies to autopilot plastic action.

  3. Finally, we help you cut through the noise to ensure complete and transparent sustainability reporting, storytelling, and stakeholder engagement.

Most importantly, our team helps your company prioritize informed decision-making and circular integrations to maximize your positive impact. We base every recommendation to reduce your company’s plastic footprint on science and use peer-reviewed evaluation criteria.

Together, we can turn the tide on plastic and prioritize transparent impact. Connect with your stakeholders, engage your employees, and wow your customers by redefining corporate responsibility. Furthermore, harness the power of data and accelerate your company’s plastic action strategy with Ampliphi’s intelligent plastic footprint management platform.

We look forward to working with you!


Noah Godfrey

Noah Godfrey

Co-Founder of Ampliphi