ECOS Plastic Action Strategy

Future Proofing ECOS’s Plastic Action Strategy

ECOS is an international homecare brand on a mission to support clean and healthy living at every level of its business. Over 50 years ago, ECOS founder Van Vlahakis committed to creating safer cleaning products that protect the health and wellbeing of people and the planet. That continues to be the company’s mission today.

ECOS’s progress and resume of climate commitments are impressive. Nevertheless, the ECOS team has always been committed to going the extra mile for environmental stewardship.

When ECOS explored opportunities to improve its performance further, it quickly realized that plastic waste generation is a material business risk that requires comprehensive insights and a holistic, strategic plastic action plan.

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Good for Business, Better for the Environment

Creating products and packaging that meet customer expectations and are optimized for circularity is often easier said than done. For a homecare brand like ECOS, plastics are hard to avoid as they help maintain product quality and reduce carbon emissions from transportation compared to other packaging material alternatives.

Facing this challenge, ECOS has pioneered a range of innovative product lines and design optimizations to allow consumers to minimize waste generation.

However, it has become clear that further action is necessary to meet the growing sustainability expectation of consumers, investors, and regulations.

Championing Environmental Stewardship

Building upon her experience in environmental management and accounting, ECOS’ Sustainability Manager Victoria Dubeau knew the first step toward creating a holistic plastic action and circular economy strategy was to measure and analyze their supply chain and operations.

Having worked with time-intensive consultancies in the past, Victoria was pleasantly surprised by how seamlessly she could repurpose existing business data to receive actionable insights from Ampliphi’s Plastic Action & Circular Economy Platform.

Ampliphi provides the insights and tools to streamline data collection and analysis while delivering companies with intelligent footprint reduction strategies and reporting capabilities.

Through the all-in-one solution, brands can benefit from intelligent data analysis to create the highest level of impact.

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Transforming Data Into a Plastic Action Strategy That Sells

ECOS’s journey with the Ampliphi Platform began by analyzing its hotspots for plastic waste generation, leakage, and carbon emissions through the supply chain analysis dashboard.

Next, the SKU analysis dashboard provided a deeper look into each item’s material type, environmental impact, and improvement area.

Through the analytics dashboards, “We were able to get comprehensive insights into our plastic use along the value chain and understand the associated impacts and opportunities.”

One of the major insights ECOS discovered was that the percentage of recycled content in its bottles differs widely by packaging supplier. As a result, the company aims to achieve a maximum rate of recycled plastics in its bottles. Still, it faces challenges in meeting this goal due to the limited influential power on some of its suppliers.

With help from Ampliphi’s Platform, ECOS can now compare each packaging supplier to improve the company’s procurement strategy and source more recycled content for its packaging.

In addition to guiding ECOS’s plastic action and circular economy strategy, Ampliphi enabled Victoria to complement the company’s existing sustainability report with a more holistic plastic action strategy.

As we advance, ECOS will continue using Ampliphi to track its plastic footprint, reduce waste generation, and report its progress over time.

Plastic Action Dashboard

Future Proof Your Brand Performance Through Plastic Action

Let’s not waste materials or time. 

By harnessing the power of data, Ampliphi’s Plastic Action & Circular Economy platform helps business catalyze transparent and holistic environmental action that future-proofs brand performance. 

The process is simple: We help you 1) measure your footprint, 2) curate a data-driven plastic action plan, and 3) automatically track and report your progress over time.

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