Blue Farm Ampliphi Case Study

Blue Farm Reimagines Plastic Packaging – Setting Sights on Circularity

We are thrilled to announce that Ampliphi is partnering with Blue Farm to broaden their environmental initiatives by reducing their plastic footprint.

At Ampliphi we firmly believe that every organization has the opportunity and obligation to protect the planet. Through transparent, ambitious action, we are committed to growing a global movement of businesses all working toward a world with less waste.

We know it’s a lofty ambition, but we are consistently encouraged by the incredible momentum of conscious brands like Blue Farm, who embody using business as a force for good.

Blue Farm Team

A Healthy Future is Literally in Our Hands

Blue Farm started with a simple mission; create products that are good for their customers and protect the environment. Blue Farm’s innovative plant-based milk alternatives, an oat drink in powder form to mix yourself, focus on convenience that is both healthy and sustainable.

Before engaging with Ampliphi’s Plastic Management and Accounting Platform, Blue Farm had already taken commendable steps toward minimizing the plastics in their operations and supply chain:

  • Selling in Bulk/Zero Waste Stores: Encouraging circular commerce builds momentum behind minimal product packaging and decreases transportation emissions.
  • Implementing Compact by Design Principles: By selling their product as a powder, Blue Farm is able to minimize excess packaging waste of beverage cartons, one pack of Blue Farm Oat Base can mix up to 8 liters of oat drink and save as many tetrapacks.
  • 100% Monoplastic: Implementing 100% monoplastic into their product packaging increases the likelihood of end-of-life recycling.

In order to take their commitment to best practice a step further, Blue Farm “choose to partner with Ampliphi to convey a steadfast commitment to bring about a better society and planet.”

Blue Farm Reimagines Plastics

Blue Farm’s journey with Ampliphi began with data collection and analysis.

Through our plastic accounting engine, we identified and mapped the plastics used throughout their operations and supply chain. Our analytics dashboard accounts for their plastic waste generation, plastic leakage, and ecosystem impact so Blue Farm can easily discern their plastic hotspots.

Next, their data points informed a selection of bespoke recommendations and opportunities for reduction, optimization, and investment. Through these recommendations, Blue Farm could set transparent short and long-term strategies to optimize their use of plastics while keeping overall carbon emission in mind.

Ampliphi gives conscious brands, like Blue Farm, the insights and tools they need to rethink their relationship with plastics and reimagine packaging. Transitioning towards a net-zero future is no easy task, but every step counts. Brands who dive deep into the ethos of their organization to truly focus on positive impact give us hope that we can leave this world a better place than we found it.

“We know it won’t be easy, but our ultimate aim is that we change our industry. This is a lofty ambition for a small business, but we know that we can influence big brands and multinationals. We hope our response to the climate emergency and our work with Ampliphi and will encourage our peers to do the same... quicker than they might have otherwise.”

Ampliphi Plastic Accounting and Management Dashboard

A World With Less Waste

At Ampliphi we are convinced that data transparency is crucial for intelligent environmental action and accelerating the circular economy for plastics.

Blue Farm committed to join the fight against plastic waste by digging deep into their supply chain and committing to plastic action. As a responsible business, understanding the impact of plastics in their operations and supply chain will help them accelerate the transition toward a circular economy.

We want to challenge ourselves, our partners, and our entire industry to leave our planet with less waste than when we found it. It won’t be easy, and we won’t be perfect. But we’ll get there, and how sweet it will be.

Truly conscious brands are not easy to come by, and we highly encourage you to check out Blue Farm and their offering of plant-based drink powders and coffee beans. If your brand wants to learn more about creating its own unique impact story, reach out to us today for a consultation — we look forward to kickstarting your plastic action journey.