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In this week’s update, we want to reflect on Ampliphi’s journey and our theory of change.

Ampliphi’s story begins in the coastal community of Goa, India. Here, Noah and Dominic (the Ampliphi Co-Founders) met while working for a leading environmental consultancy.

Ashwen Beach Goa India

As Noah recalls: Living in Goa, you have a much closer relationship with waste, especially plastics. There is minimal waste management infrastructure, and you often walk past piles of burning waste in the evening. 

🌳  There is no out of sight, out of mind mentality. The waste you create, you deal with! 🗑

The sheer volume of mismanaged plastic waste is overwhelming. What’s a reality in Goa also holds true throughout the Global South. Not only are developing regions struggling to cope with their own waste, but they also have to manage the tonnes of plastic waste that are shipped from developed countries. 

🌊  During daily runs on Ashwem Beach, we realized that no localized solution could fix the problem. No net could capture all the plastics entering the ocean. No cleanup solution can close the tap on plastic pollution. Solutions have to be implemented upstream.

In other words, we quickly realized that plastic waste needs to be tackled at the source. So with this in mind, we set about ideating Ampliphi’s theory of change to help companies use data to reduce their plastic footprint, optimize their processes for circularity and invest in innovations and infrastructure. 

✨ We believe this framework has the potential to stem the flow of plastics and allow waste management infrastructure to effectively repurpose what has already been created. ✨

The Week Ahead

Dominc Santschi NOAH Zurich

Ampliphi’s Co-Founder Dominic Santschi will be presenting at the NOAH Conference in Zurich to pitch amongst 250+ leading entrepreneurs in the sustainability sector.

If you are interested in joining the conference, here is a 10% discount code: NOAHspeaker

Learn more about NOAH Zurich 2021

A Breath of Fresh AIr

The majority of climate news can be bleak… grim… gloomy. So we want to highlight progress, discovery and innovation.

Adding to their sustainability resume, IKEA plans to phase out plastic packaging by 2028.

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Plastic data continues to improve providing deeper insights into our understanding of the crisis.  

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Innovative plastic waste solutions seem to emerge daily; this cleanup project is delivering inspiration across the world.

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Trending Reserach

Ampliphi Plastic Accounting Protocol

The Plastic Accounting Protocol specifies how companies should measure, reduce, and communicate their plastic footprint. Designed for our stakeholders, this methodology summarizes the underlying concepts and definitions powering our platform.

Here we break down the following: 

  1. Contextualize the concept of plastic footprinting
  2. Determine the boundaries of a plastic footprint assessment
  3. Reduce your plastic footprint without risking unintended consequences
  4. Communicate your progress in a transparent and authentic way

Get a First Look at Ampliphi’s Underlying Methodology

Plastic Accounting Explained

Dive deep into data-driven plastic waste solutions, and learn how companies are taking action to protect the environment and their bottom line.

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