Ampliphi Press Release

Discover Ampliphi’s Platform Helping Brands Accelerate Plastic Action

As companies strive to decarbonize their operations and plastic waste vexes supply chains, decision-makers are often left rudderless to navigate uncharted waters. Moreover, few services offer actionable and cost-effective solutions. Ampliphi offers a first-of-its-kind plastic action platform to allow consumer brands to measure, reduce and communicate every aspect of their organization’s plastic footprint.

Ampliphi leverages a SaaS platform to give consumer brands a complete analysis of their plastic footprint. Their plastic action platform is built around Ampliphi’s science-based methodology, forming the foundation for their actionable approach to plastic accounting. As investors, consumers and regulators amplify their call for transparency and reliable sustainability claims—an exhaustive environmental accounting platform is the need of the hour.

Noah Godfrey, Co-Founder of Ampliphi, said, “Companies around the world are committing to environmental action. Unfortunately, many struggle to decipher the best trajectory. The complexity of proper impact measurement and implementation of initiatives has created a major hurdle for many companies. Ampliphi’s data-driven platform takes a simple yet systematic approach to bridge the gap. With our focus on creating transparency, vetted recommendations, and standardized reporting, we offer a simply efficient solution.”

Ampliphi’s core platform combines advanced analytics and bespoke consulting to deliver plastic footprint intelligence, reduction strategies, and sustainability reporting. Supporting the platform is a network of vetted solution providers hosted on the platform’s marketplace. Each solution provider is selected to enable businesses to fulfill every nuance of plastic footprint reduction.

“A future without plastic pollution is within our reach; we simply need to implement and scale existing solutions. We designed our platform and methodology to do just that,” said Dominic Santschi, Co-Founder of Ampliphi. “We hope to turn ambition into action and give brands the ability to accelerate a circular economy while providing solution providers the platform they need to change the world.”

Ampliphi is an intelligent environmental plastic action platform that helps consumer brands accelerate the transition to a circular economy. By harnessing the power of data, we help companies take a simple yet systematic approach to measure, reduce, and communicate their plastic footprint. Get in touch with us today to measure, reduce and report on your plastic footprint.