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On a Mission to Amplify a World Without Waste

Our Story

Our story begins in the coastal region of Goa, India. Here, we realized the untapped potential of using data to inform sustainable decisions. As a result, we began ideating solutions that could transform the way brands approach environmental action.

We built Ampliphi to empower decision-makers to measure what has been unmanageable.

Since its inception, Ampliphi’s sole focus has been to prioritize transparency, enable actionable solutions, and accelerate positive impact.

In December 2023, ClimeCo, a leading global sustainability company, announced its acquisition of Ampliphi and its plastic action program, the Plastic ScorecardWe are proud to join ClimeCo in delivering authentic sustainability results and complement ClimeCo’s suite of global advisory services to promote a circular economy. Read the press release here.

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Founding Team

Noah Godfrey Headshot Ampliphi

Noah Godfrey

Noah has been a lifelong advocate for plastic action. As an eternal optimist, he is driven to push the boundaries of collaboration and creativity to achieve a world with much less waste. Noah is a Senior Associate at ClimeCo and leverages sustainability principles, circular economy practices, and ESG frameworks to create lasting value for organizations.

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To close the tap on plastic pollution and accelerate a circular economy, we need everyone, everywhere. Whether you are a material scientist, industry expert, creative thinker, or simply an awesome individual, Ampliphi provides a platform for personal growth through positive impact. 

If you share our passion for making the world a better place, please do get in touch!